You only lives once

About me 

My name is Cassandra Wikgren and I live in Stockholm, Sweden with my dogs and my great boyfriend. 

Our dogs are our family members and they participate in all daily living with us. We will let the puppies grow up in the home environment, they will be couples and environmentally trained when they move to their new home. Of course, we meet all SKK requirements and rules.


- Three-year secondary education with a focus on dogs 

- Worked in Kenya at zoo two months (2 courses)

- Worked on KSPCA Kenya, Nairobi

- Approved to train service dogs in the army

- Training Armed Forces Approved dog driver defense force

- Educated and certified service dog defense force

- Worked on

- Worked full time at the Swedish kennel club

- Certified Dog Physiotherapist of ReDog Veterinary Clinic

- Location manager at changdobels dog center